Collaboration Gaudenzi – European Space Agency (ESA) – UniPD

These days the PACMAN team, made up of doctors in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Padua, is engaged in demonstrating “Fly Your Thesis!” project on board the Novespace aircraft for the ESA Business Incubation Centers in Bordeaux.

“PACMAN experiment is a technology demonstrator whose main goal is to develop and validate in low-gravity conditions an integrated system for proximity navigation and soft docking based on magnetic interactions, suitable for small-scale spacecraft. This will be accomplished by launching a miniature spacecraft mock-up towards a free-floating target that generates a static magnetic field; a set of actively-controlled magnetic coils on-board the spacecraft mock-up, assisted by dedicated localization sensors, will be used to control its attitude and position relative to the target.”, thus explain the Engineers in technical language, but for more information visit the following links:


Gaudenzi is proud to have supported this ambitious project by supplying perforated sheets specially created to cover the delicate machinery and at the same time allow a necessary air passage. This is one of the many successes that the R&D Gaudenzi department can now announce thanks to the consistent and targeted investments in cutting-edge machinery, which make it possible to create special and high quality perforated sheets.

A big “good luck” to PACMAN team! 🙂

Foto scattate all’interno del velivolo Novespace durante l’esperimento.