Custom-made Quality and Experience

Since 1891

Custom-made Quality and Experience

Since 1891


Innovative Processing

We offer you the availability of a wide range of machining operations

Water Jet cutting


The abrasive water jet cutting, obtained through a mixture of water and sand used at high pressure, gives us the possibility of realize:

  • Perforations with micrometrical values of tolerance up to 200 mm thickness;
  • Regulation of holes taper and perpendicular cutting with centesimal precision;
  • No thermal or mechanical alteration thanks to cold-working;
  • Engravings run by CAD/CAM systems;
  • Wide range of materials that can be worked: metals, glass, wood, stone, plastic, foamed parts, etc.
  • Saving on accessory costs and on further workings which are no longer necessary.
Drilling and Milling


The drilling perforation enables us to propose our customers:

  • Perforated sheets with 3 different types of holes: cylindrical, bicylindrical and conical, whose diameter may vary from 0,5 up to 50 mm on a maximum thickness of more than 50 mm according to the hole diameter.
  • The sheets can be manufactured in several materials such as: steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel-chrome alloys, aluminium and its alloys, copper and its alloys.
  • Moreover they can be submitted to several surface treatments like smoothing, silking, sandblasting, washing and polishing which guarantee the perfect cleanness of the perforation.
    Different finishing or special coatings can be executed on specific customer’s request.

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