Perforated and embossed

Perforated sheets represent Gaudenzi’s core business and are produced through punching or laser cutting processes. The perforations start from diameters of just few microns and can have different geometric shapes. They can be carried out on sheets up to several centimetres thick and as wide as 2000×8000 mm.

Embossed sheets are produced with a particular punching process, that is quite similar to the perforation, though in this case the punching machine deforms the metal sheet without drilling it.

Perforated and embossed sheets can be easily customized according to their usage and customer preferences. The two processes (perforating and embossing) can also be combined on the same metal sheet, with different solutions.

Classic holes

The round hole and the square hole are generally the most requested and have the most varied uses. Gaudenzi has hundreds of models with standard centre distance in stock. Standard round holes have a quincunx arrangement (60°), while square holes are arranged in line (90°).

Gaudenzi can also produce on request with the possibility of customizing the shape and size of the hole, the blind zones, the arrangements, and the centre distances of the holes.

Slotted holes

Also called oblong hole, it has a rectangular shape with short, even rounded sides.

Gaudenzi has hundreds of slotted hole moulds. The slotted hole is produced on request and customers can customize the size of the hole, the layout, and the centre distances, as well as any blind area.

This type of hole has many uses and is applied especially in the fishing sector, in the food sector, in architecture and more.

Countersunk hole

It is a round hole that has a sort of deformation on the edge that guides towards the centre of the hole, usually it is a funnel-shaped hollow.

The countersunk hole is mostly used in the food sectors, such as in the winemaking, and in the production of industrial washing machines.

Gaudenzi guarantees the total absence of burrs and the precision of the perforations.

Reflex sheets

The Reflex metal sheet is an advanced Gaudenzi technology that allows any JPG image to be transferred onto a perforated metal sheet: landscapes, faces or any other image.

The different sizes of the holes and the blind areas will recreate the image by giving it visual depth.

The customer will only need to provide the JPG image. Our technical office will simulate the realization and provide different alternatives of how the image would appear on the metal sheet, arranging visual depth, sharpness, and passage of light.

Other perforations

With over 11.000 moulds available, it is possible to produce on request a metal sheet with any type of hole. The possibility of customizing the metal sheet becomes almost infinite considering the potential of our lasers.

Among the most known holes we mention the triangular hole and the hexagonal hole. Gaudenzi also has moulds to create holes with deformations such as the nail hole, the bridge hole, the nose hole, the lipped hole, and the rasp hole.

Embossed sheets

Even for the embossing there is a high possibility of customization. Just as for punching, you can modify/arrange the shape of the boss, the centre distance, and the blind areas as well.

We have numerous moulds available, from the classic ashlars (round, square, rhombus, oblong and honeycomb), to more detailed ashlars such as the Lego or the hammered ashlar. Always available on stock, there are also sheets with almond-shaped and rice grain embossment.

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