WaterJet Cutting

The water jet cutting is a high pressure cut made with a mixture of water and abrasive sand. A special pump pushes a very thin waterjet at a pressure of 3800 bar.
The water, ejected through a calibrate orifice, accelerates the abrasive particles to three times the speed of sound; these ones are mixed with water in a focalizing tube.

The jet of water and abrasive, coming out from the machine at a very high pressure and speed, can make any kind of cut, shaping and perforation, on any type of material and design, with a high precision and without thermal or mechanical alterations.

The idrojet cut can counter the difficulties and the limitations typical of other techniques of metal cutting and shaping (laser cutting, plasma cutting, milling, punching, etc.).

Materials | Copper – Brass – Aluminium – Bronze – Titanium – Stainless steel – Inconel – Hastelloy – Hardox – and other alloys of any type and hardness, can be quickly worked, without mechanical or physical alterations and without the necessity of further surface treatments.

The cut is very precise and has a tolerance lower than 0,05 mm/m.

The execution time is particularly fast. The maximum cut speed is 30 m/min.

The waterjet cut does not cause chemical or structural alterations or micro cracks

We can cut materials whose thickness may vary from a few mm up to 200 mm.

The cut is so planned as to use as much material as possible. Thanks to the reduction of the scraps and the elimination of the surface treatments, we have been able to hold the production costs down.

We can briefly say We can briefly say that waterjet cutting allows:

  • Wide range of workable materials.
  • High quality cut without any thermal or mechanical alteration.
  • Optimization of further working processes.

To obtain an estimate indicate:

1)  type and quality of material, thickness and size of the waterjet plates.

2)  Requested quantity and kind of perforation.

4) Tollerance and type of finishing of finishing of the sheets

3) Drawing in DWG file if available.

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