Wire mesh coating, Auditorium Comunale Ponte San Nicolò

The project:
Designed utilising the latest technology, the auditorium of Ponte San Nicolò has employed Gaudenzi wire mesh as sound-absorbing panels. Cloths are tailored provided, to meet the high demands on design of such an ambitious project.

Material: Stainless Steel

Material details:
Fabric combined cloth N40 F020
Square mesh
Numbering: mesh (inch English 25.4mm), pf (French inch 27,7mm), nit (Italian number 50mm)
Range: 1 to 550 mesh
Wire: 3 to 0.025mm
Height: from 1000 to 2000mm

The product is customizable, it follows the design and the client’s project.

  • CLIENT Privato
  • YEAR 2007
  • WE DID Tela Metallica

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