Wire mesh in bronze, Enoteca Santa Lucia Padua

The project:
The Enoteca Santa Lucia is located in one of the most picturesque corners of the historical center of Padua. The atmosphere is decidedly elegant, between brickwork, vaults and charming lights old. In this place stands out the Gaudenzi product, a manual pleating cloth, made with bronze, brass and stainless steel.

Material: Bronze, Stainless Steel, Brass.

Material details:
Plain fabric cloth, square mesh, manual pleating
Numbering: mesh (inch English 25.4mm), pf (French inch 27,7mm), nit (Italian number 50mm)
Range: 1 to 550 mesh
Wire: 3 to 0.025mm
Heights: 1000 to 2000mm
The product is customizable, it follows the design and the client’s project. Possibility of varying mesh, wire, height and material.

  • YEAR 2003
  • WE DID Tela Metallica

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