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In an area of over 10,000 sqm, Gaudenzi designs and produces perforated sheets and wire mesh with the most advanced machinery on the market.

The company’s core business is the customized designing and production of perforated and micro-perforated sheets. For new solutions, the company offers technical consultancy to the customer in order to develop a product that best meets his needs.

From several decades Gaudenzi is also a reference point for its experience in the production of tie rods and in the trading of ropes and lifting materials.

Perforated and embossed sheets

Gaudenzi designs and produces perforated and embossed sheets customized in size and drawing, as well as perforated sheets in standard formats. The two processes (punching and embossing) can also be combined in the same sheet metal, with different solutions.

Within the production area there are over 11.000 moulds available. If the mould is not present to realise the required hole (or clew), it can be produced internally on request.

Micro-perforated Sheets

Gaudenzi is a worldwide reference in the design and production of micro-perforated sheets.

The creation of this type of product is the result of years of internal R&D. Today the company can create holes of a few microns on significant thicknesses, guaranteeing a tolerance of 10μm.

Furthermore, Gaudenzi guarantees a high control coefficient with certified instruments.

Wire cloths and wire mesh

Since 1891 Gaudenzi has been producing wire mesh, and trading corrugated and electro-welded wire mesh, as well as nylon wire mesh. Over the years, experience has combined with technology.

A large warehouse with hundreds of models of wire cloths and wire mesh on stock is available to the customer. Gaudenzi can also produce models on request and make tailored cuts.

Ropes, tie rods and accessories

Gaudenzi has several decades of experience in the production of rope and chain tie rods, in stainless steel and galvanized iron.

Furthermore, in the warehouse there is a wide assortment of ropes, chains, and accessories in AISI 316 and galvanized iron for various sectors such as industry and nautical.

The use of ropes and tie rods in architecture is also fundamental. They are used in the construction of bridges, anti-seismic works, renovations, or tensile structures.

These products are also used in the poultry industry, robotics, lighting, mechanics, automotive, and more.

Silver Carbon

Silver Carbon is a product used mainly in the petfood, fishfood and woodworking sectors.

The SC metal sheet is characterized by a perforation with a 65° angle and a hardening treatment, which ensure a very higher grinding speed and greater durability of the metal sheet itself.

The sheets can be customized for each machine. Complementary processes such as rolling and welding are carried out internally.


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