Main sectors

Gaudenzi’s products can be applied to several different sectors.

Starting from the core business, perforated and micro-perforated sheets are used both for components of industrial machinery, for example in the plastic, food, petrochemical, semi-nuclear and woodworking sectors, and for aesthetic uses, such as external cladding of buildings and interior design details. The application of perforated metal sheets clearly does not end here. Their use is also frequent in the automotive sector, in the fishing sector, and in many others of no less importance.

There are numerous applications also in the lifting department. Tie rods, ropes and related accessories are used in the nautical sector, in construction, but also in robotics, furniture, mechanics and many others.


Leading sector for micro-perforation.

After huge investments and years of R&D, today Gaudenzi is able to realize holes of 60µm on significant thicknesses.

The production is specialized in the creation of discs for plastic extrusion machinery.

Gaudenzi also produces components for machinery for other plastic material processes, such as plastic grinding and washing.


Food is one of Gaudenzi’s driving macro-sectors. Within it, the wine, milling and rice processing sectors are of great importance. Other leading ones are the production of fruit and vegetable juices, petfood and fishfood.

Gaudenzi therefore ranges across numerous sectors of the macro food sector, where each has completely different needs and requires different products.

For this reason, Gaudenzi has trained and specialized employees for each sector, who are able to follow the project, and support the customer at 360-degrees.

Industrial washing machines

Gaudenzi has been supplying some of the most important Italian and foreign manufacturers of industrial washing machines for several years.

The high quality of the Gaudenzi product complies with the highest standards required by this sector. Indeed, Gaudenzi can ensure a countersunk hole without burrs, as well as maximum precision in the pitch of the holes, even on large thicknesses.

Furthermore, the cutting-edge technology of our machinery allows us to carry out work without leaving marks or scratches.

The workable dimensions of the metal sheet size up to 7000x2000mm.

Oil & Gas

Thanks to the long experience gained in the sector, Gaudenzi is able to create the most suitable separation solutions for oil and gas production.

Specifically, the company produces internals for gas-liquid separators.

Gaudenzi’s R&D department is at the customers’ disposal for the feasibility study of the product.

Wood processing

Gaudenzi is specialized in wood grinding for several years.

The processes comply with the highest European quality standards and can be performed on all types of material, including anti-wear materials such as Hardox or S700.

Perforations of any size and type can be made on thicknesses up to 6mm. The dimensions of the metal sheet size up to 6000x2000mm.

Furthermore, thanks to the internal carpentry, Gaudenzi can bend and weld the particulates as requested by the customer.


Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of our machinery, it is possible to customize the sheets by reproducing any image on a perforated metal sheet.

In architecture, Perforated metal sheets is used not only for building cladding, but also for interior design details such as railings or wall coverings and so on.

Also, Gaudenzi’s tie rods and ropes are very important products for the architecture, as they are used particularly in projects such as bridges, tensile structures, and anti-seismic works or for securing buildings under renovation.

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