Silver Carbon

The Silver Carbon sheet is mainly used in the processing of petfood, fishfood and in woodworking.

Each SC sheet includes the metal hardening treatment, which creates an anti-wear barrier with 850 Vickers surface hardness.

The peculiarity of the Silver Carbon is the perforation with a 65° angle, which ensures a higher grinding speed.

The SC sheet is the result of years of internal research and development.

The strengths of this product, as mentioned before, are the special perforation, as well as the metal hardening treatment performed on each piece.

The treatment gives a surface hardness of 850 Vickers and represents an important progress in the grinding technique.

The advantages of SC are various. The first is the considerable increase in the metal sheet lifespan, given by the hardening treatment.

The second strength is the perforation with a 65° angle, which ensures a higher grinding speed.

This special production process creates crests, that guarantee the pulverisation of the product that is thus expelled through the holes at full speed.

The crests in the holes have a harsh roughness, which allows the product to meet the best grinding standards, by reducing both the likelihood of clogging and, subsequently, the downtime for maintenance.

The use of our SC sheets will result in an excellent grinding the product, and in a reduction of both machine downtime and motor absorption.

Finally, our internal carpentry will complete the product with rolling, bending and welding processes, so that it will be tailor-made for the machinery.

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